We provide legal services and counselling in connection with patent legal matters. Located in Northern Virginia just minutes from the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) campus in Alexandria, we serve both overseas and US-based clients. We are proud of our excellences in international patent knowledges and experiences of U.S. but also Korea, Japan, and China. Our expertise allows us to work closely with our clients to develop, implement and monitor their intellectual property policies. We also have numerous affiliations with international associates that allows us to provide world-wide protection and counseling for intellectual property.

The firm is multifaceted, with broad technical expertise in telecommunications, electronics, optoelectronics, optics, semiconductors, computer hardware and software, physics, biology, chemistry, and mechanical disciplines. Our diverse client base encompasses a broad spectrum of multinational corporations, high technology growth companies, and small start-up ventures.

We also offer a Patent Rescuer Service which is a financial service for inventors who do not have sufficient fund for issue fee and maintenance fee payments for their patents, a patent marketing service, and patent training services in cooperation with WIPA (Washington International Patent Academy) and KorusIP (Korea-US IP Foundation).